Rafael Nybergh-Torres

Italian-Brazilian Rafael is a Pilates teacher, personal trainer, calisthenics teacher, circuit training teacher and football coach.

Rafael has always been a passionate athlete and has practiced many forms of sports from a very young age. Sport, in various forms, is an essential part of Rafael’s life. Born in Brazil and raised in Valencia, Spain, Rafael has studied Physical Education at the university of Rio de Janeiro and completed many different teacher-training courses, among them Pilates and Calisthenics with the National Association of Pilates and Sports Teachers in Spain as well as Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Circuit Training at the YMCA in Montreal, Canada.

Rafael started by working as a Personal Trainer, which he finds extremely rewarding as it gives him the opportunity for personal contact with his clients over a period of time. He has witnessed closely how personal training can change and help people physically, psychologically and emotionally and finds the process incredible.

In 2009, Rafael found Pilates and since then, he has completed formal trainings in Pilates and has been working primarily as a Pilates teacher, because he finds Pilates an extremely complete and beneficial sport.

Rafael has a natural aptitude for working with people and he loves sharing the knowledge he has. As a person, he is positive and disciplined and likes to take initiatives and transmit good energy. For Rafael, training is not only about physical appearance but about a person’s overall wellbeing and how it can literally completely transform one’s life.

Rafael has also worked as a football coach for teenagers in France, Spain and Finland. He says his experiences in different countries have taught him many things and made him a better athlete and teacher. He currently resides in Espoo with his family.