Rafael Nybergh-Torres

Rafael is a Pilates teacher, Personal Trainer, Calisthenics teacher, Circuit training teacher and football coach. He has worked in many countries. Experiences in different countries have made him a better athlete and a teacher.

Rafael was born in Brazil. He has always been a passionate athlete. Sport, in various forms, is an essential part of his life. The way it makes him feel physically and emotionally, and how it can change one’s life is incredible.

Ten years ago he found Pilates – an extremely complete and beneficial sport. Since then he has been working mostly as a Pilates teacher and has alongside graduated few Pilates trainings.

In 2007 Rafael also started working as a Personal Trainer, which he finds very rewarding as it gives the opportunity for better personal contact. He has witnessed closely how it can change and help people both physically, psychologically and emotionally. He hopes to be able to accompany as many of you as possible towards a more healthy and joyful lifestyle.