Nicole Betita

Nicole’s fascination for the human body began at an early age when she was introduced to ballet and through the years progressed to other forms of dance. She was drawn to the unlimited possibilities a body could move and the healing that these movements brought. Yoga complimented this curiosity and attraction to the human body.

Nicole began her yoga journey in 2011. Her practice provided the internal peace and physical strength she needed in her nursing career. She focused on Ashtanga then later explored the other dynamic styles of yoga. Deciding to take it to heart, she began teaching in studios in the Philippines and not long after opened her own neighborhood studio in Manila. In 2015, she received her certification in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with emphasis on Sivananda Yoga and received additional training from Jon Fellman in Thai Yoga Massage.

Nicole continues to learn yoga and wants to share its art and science in all its beautiful forms. She has dedicated her life to growing deeper in her practice and to sharing the same joy that yoga has brought her.