Surya Namaskara -kurssi

Fondamentals of Yoga
Workshop series 1–3  / Julie

su 26.1. klo 14.00–16.00 Exploring Sun Salutations / Hatha, A and B
su 23.2. klo 14.00–16.00 Opening hips & twist
su 29.3. klo 14.00–16.00 Back bends & Inversions

price 25 € / workshop

SUOMEKSI: Tässä workshop-sarjassa tutustutaan muun muassa klassisiin Surya namaskar A ja B-sarjoihin. Kurssilla opitaan synkronoimaan liike ja hengitys yhteen ja tarkastetaan läpi tärkeimmät linjaukset, variaatiot sekä modifikaatiot, jotta jokaiselle löytyy sopivin tapa harjotella.

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su 26.1. klo 14.00–16.00
Exploring Sun Salutations

The sun salutation (traditionally called surya namaskar) is the source of the Vinyasa yoga practice. Many yoga classes will begin with a series of sun salutations, which are a sequence of postures (traditionally called Asanas) that serve to warm up and giving various vertebral movements to the spine, while also helping to sync your movement and breath to calm your nervous system. And much more…

Surya Namaskar is a perfect balance between Power and grace. This practice help us to cultivate the gratitude of the Sun that is a source of life.

This work shop is a place where we will:

  • Explore each Asana of the sequences, it’s fundations, the Asana’s
    modifications to suit all body condition and explore the conscious connection between breath and movement
  • Practice and enjoy the flow of Surya Namaskar A, B & the classical salutations and Variations.
  • Get a strong foundation and understanding of this energetic sequence helping you to deepen your practice.

The workshop is suited for all.

SUOMEKSI SURYA NAMASKARIN TERVEYSHYÖDYT: Surya Namaskar tarjoaa kaikki joogan hyödyt ytimekkäässä paketissa. Se on kokonais­valtainen harjoitus, joka tarjoaa fyysisiä, henkisiä ja emotionaalisia terveys­vaikutuksia. Surya Namaskar vahvistaa lihaksia, hoitaa niveliä, nivelsiteitä ja luustoa, parantaa ryhtiä, sekä tuo joustavuutta ja tasa­painoa koko keholle.

Surya Namaskarin harjoittaminen tasapainottaa myös endokrinaalisten rauhasten toimintaa. Näihin kuuluvat kilpirauhanen, lisä­kilpirauhanen ja aivolisäke sekä lisä­munuainen, kivekset ja munasarjat. Kuten useimmat harjoitukset, Surya Namaskar tarjoaa myös henkistä hyvin­vointia säännöllisille harjoittajille. Olosi on upea lyhyenkin säännöllisen aurinkotervehdys-harjoituksen jälkeen. Se rentouttaa ja nuorentaa – jännitys, stressi ja ahdistus sulavat pois hengityksen ja liikkeen yhdistyessä.

su 23.2. klo 14.00–16.00
Hips and Twist

Our hips are at the centre of our mobility in yoga and everyday life. Tightness can cause discomfort, back pain and limitations to even basic activities. Creating stability and openness in the hips is key to unlocking the rest of the physical body in our yoga practice.

The second part of this workshop series will be about the spine with a special focus on the Spinal Twist. We will explore the facets of spinal rotation in our poses.

This work shop is a place where we will:

  • Exploring, learning and feeling about the physical and emotional aspect your hips and Spine Twist
  • Stretching , Strengthing , Opening, Releasing and detoxify Hips, spine and organs
  • Enjoying the Yin and the Yang Hips practice
  • Enjoying and exploring the facets of spinal rotation in our poses.

The workshop is suited for all.

su 29.3. klo 14.00–16.00
Backbend and Inversions

Learn to love Backbend! Backbends can be quite emotionally and physically challenging. They’re the opposite action of our everyday activities such as texting, driving, sitting at computers, and bending to pick up kids. Backbends are so healing partly because they reverse these habitual motions. They open up space, energize, and restore balance to our bodies and our lives.

The third part of this workshop series is an exploration of inversions and how to safely execute them. Inversions have many benefits, including boosting your circulation and vascular system, lymphatic system, as well as building core and upper body strength, and balance. Bonus: an increase in confidence and gain a new perspective!

CAUTION: The Inversions may not be practised if you have any one of the following: High Blood Pressure / Glaucoma, Detached Retina or recent eye surgery / Heavy and painful menstrual periods / Four or more months pregnant
Recent neck injury / Severe blocked nose, headache, or in the midst of an asthmatic attack

Studio Yin Kauniainen / Tunnelitie 4, 02700 Kauniainen, Kauppakeskus Granin 2. krs
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