Meditation Journey

Meditation Workshop with Manu
at Studio Yin Kauniainen

Learn how to meditate. Feel the benefits with 20 min meditation practice every day. Enjoy the silence, release the stress. Find more peace and creativity within yourself.

SUOMEKSI: Meditatio-workshop Manun kanssa: Opi kuinka meditoida. Koe meditaatioharjoituksen hyödyt – ja tee se joka päivä. Tunne hiljaisuus, vapaudu stressistä, löydä rauhallisempi ja luovempi itsesi. Meditaatiot pidetään englanniksi, marraskuussa tiistai- ja keskiviikkosessioita klo 19–20, joulukuussa lisäksi joinakin perjanta Yin-tunnin yhteydessä.

Price: Session 10 €, 7 sessions 70 €


PhD, Lama, E-RYT 500, lived in India for 11 years. The first seven years he participated in retreats of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. He took a three-year retreat of Tantric preliminaries, Fivefold Path of Mahamudra, and Six Yogas of Naropa.

The last four years Manu was the Director of the Meditation Research Institute at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama ashram in Rishikesh, where he offered biofeedback training and studied advanced meditators of Buddhist and Hindu traditions, using state-of-the-art electroencephalographic technology and analyses.

Since 2010 Manu has been teaching meditation / yoga in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and is the creator of a Teacher Training Program with Yoga Alliance USA, with dozens of 200-hr graduates.


Session 1
Tuesday 12.11. 18.30–19.30 & Wed 13.11. 17.30–18.30

Aligning the channels so bliss may start flowing: The meditation pillar of posture. Food sheath or annamayakosha. The physical body.

Session 2
Tuesday 19.11. 18.30–19.30  & Wed 20.11. 17.30–18.30

Unblocking the body so bliss may continue flowing: Systematic Relaxation. Annamaya and Pranamaya koshas.

Session 3
Tuesday 26.11. 18.30–19.30 & Wed 27.11. 17.30–18.30

Energizing and increasing inner bliss: The meditation pillar of breathing. Vital energy sheath or pranamayakosha. The subtle body.


Session 4
Tuesday 3.12. 18.30–19.30 & Wed 4.12. 17.30–18.30

Learning to guide the bliss: Seated meditation with awareness on breathing and mantra. Pranamayakosha and the sheath of thoughts and emotions or manomayakosha. The mental body.

Session 5
Friday 6.12. 12.30–13.30, Independence day (Yin class 11–12.20 )

Learning to focus on the bliss: Concentrative meditation or Shamatha. Manomayakosha.

Session 6
Tuesday 10.12. 18.30–19.30 & Wed 11.12. 17.30–18.30
Friday 13.12. after Yin class (17.30–18.50), 20 minutes meditation 19–19.20

Understanding the nature of bliss: Vipashyana or analytic meditation. Sheath of transcendental knowledge or vijñanamayakosha. The body of knowledge.

Session 7
Tuesday 17.12. 18.30–19.30 & Wed 18.12. 17.30–18.30
Friday 20.12. after Friday Yin class (17.30–18.50), 20 minutes meditation 19–19.20

Transforming ourselves into bliss: Mahamudra meditation. Sheath of inner bliss or anandamayakosha. The bliss body and fusion with the universal bliss.

Place: Studio Yin Kauniainen / Tunnelitie 4, 02700 Kauniainen, Kauppakeskus Granin 2. floor
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Price: Session 10 €, 7 sessions 70 €
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