Katie Ward Franklin Method workshop

Tervetuloa Franklin Method worshopiin

Maanantaina 08.07.2019 Kauniaisissa klo 10-12

Kurssin hinta: 35 €

Kanadalainen Katie Ward tulee Studiollemme esittelemään maailmalla tunnettua ja arvostettua kehonhuoltometodia joka soveltuu jooga- ja Pilates -opettajille sekä oppilaille.

THE FRANKLIN METHOD: By working from the idea that our brains are plastic or able to transform, the Franklin Method uses creative visualization, embodied anatomy, and somatic exercises to transform the body and improve it’s function, enhancing physical practices by teaching dynamic alignment and movement with maximum efficiency. We produce change by applying imagery to movement. We will experience and embody our anatomy to facilitate positive change in the body.

RELEASE YOUR SHOULDERS – The shoulders are a common place to store tension. We will relax and tone shoulders using movement, imagery, and balls. We will work on new ways of moving to release tension building movement patterns, actualize more flexible movement in the shoulders and to help us sense them relaxing. We will work towards shoulders that are more flexible, lubricated and full of ease.

PELVIC POWER – We will embody the design and movements of the pelvis as a whole…embody the internal pelvic joints and movements to tap into the power that the pelvis can generate by: Learning the biomechanics of the pelvis and hip joint; Increasing comfort and safety of the lower back, knees, and hips while improving posture Increasing pelvic floor and core strength and flexibility; Discovering how to move with less tension Experiencing imagery exercises to balance the pelvis and release the lower back.

Bio: Katie Ward lives in Montreal and works in the field of movement education, dance and choreography. Katie was led to the Pilates and the Franklin Method by her curiosity around the seemingly unlimited capacities of the human body. Throughout her twenty year choregraphic career – she has presented her work in Canada and in Europe, Katie’s has also continued to study and teach body work methods. She studied the Franklin Method first hand with Eric Franklin and Pilates at the renowned Dianne Miller Pilates studio in Vancouver. In her dance career, Katie has managed body maintenance and several injuries using her Franklin and Pilates knowledge for rehabilitation. By working with imagery, Katie aims to produce new physical embodiments. This method applies to her choreography as well as to her movement teaching.

Katie teaches score writing, dance improvisation, Pilates and the Franklin Method to a variety of students throughout Montreal, elsewhere in Canada and in Europe. She has a Master of Theatre Practises from Artez University in the Netherlands.

* BA Honors Contemporary Dance and France, University of Winnipeg
* Dianne Miller Pilates certification mat work, Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel
* Rehab Through Pilates, Core Basics, Montreal
* Franklin Method level 1
* Master Of Theatre Practises, Artez University Arnhem Arnhem, Netherlands


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Price: 35,-

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